B2B registration

We are here to answer any questions you may have about any of our products. The Revel and Why Cycles brand and products are among the top brands in the world. B2B marketers are the key link to the ultimate satisfied customer. TPC.cool importer puts a lot of emphasis on personal approach to the customer and we carefully select sales representatives and dealers to represent our brands in the market. We direct our products to specialized brick and mortar stores, bike shops, custom showrooms with a personal approach where the friendly relationship and story between the customer, the dealer and our brand begins. We prefer a personal approach to the customer, where he is provided with a comprehensive service from A-Z. We work with our B2B partners to plan the marketing, sales and direction of the entire business based on their feedback and customer needs. Selling prices of products are set by the importer and therefore our business is fair play for all. Thank you for your time and we are ready for friendly business cooperation.


Only the main distributor in a given EU country can apply for exclusive representation and online sales.


  • See our complete range with VOC without Dph.
  • VOC price is according to the total order amount.
  • Cashback bonus on total annual turnover.
  • Current stock.
  • Preliminary delivery times for your ordered products.
  • Individual invoice due dates.
  • Marketing support + other B2B benefits.


- Name and surname

- Company name and address

- Telephone number and email



Please send this information to: b2b@tpc.cool. Once approved, you will be assigned a B2B account.

If you are an existing reseller, please log in with your email address.


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